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Diorama is an open source software that aims to create compelling three dimensional models of objects, especially buildings and architectural scenes, from multiple images taken using a camera. In addition, Diorama aims to cater to the needs of specialists like archaeologists and conservation architects by providing sophisticated software tools for cultural heritage conservation.

    Diorama is currently in the development stage. We are actively looking for volunteers who are enthusiastic about open source software development.

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You can get the latest developmental files of Diorama through the SourceForge Subversion repository

svn co https://diorama.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/diorama diorama

Please see the INSTALL file for build instructions

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A preview of what an early version of the application can do

A model of the Bharti Building of IIT Delhi created from a single image using a special software application. This application uses the work of Dr. Subhajit Sanyal. Diorama will be this application on steroids. Imagine a totally automated system for reconstructing buildings and seeing it in 3D! That's what Diorama aims to be.

 For more information on the application seen in the video please visit

For any queries or doubts please contact Sanath Kumar at 9841034745 or Srinath Sridhar at 9444877808. You can email us at srinath1905@gmail.com

Released under the GNU GPL v3.0, Diorama is free software

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Last updated: 29th March 2010